Mayor’s Cup – History

This award is for outstanding individuals who have a longstanding association with the City of Ottawa and have contributed many years of direct support and dedication to amateur sport in a variety of contexts. It is presented annually by the Mayor of Ottawa.

2023: Phyllis Bergmans
2022: Todd Nicholson and Emily Glossop
2021: Raz El-Asmar
2020: The Takahashi Family
2019: LA and Bevin Schmidt
2018: Kathleen Murphy
2017: Bob Wilson
2016: Sue Holloway
2015: Agnes Laing
2014: Lee Powell
2013: Ed Laverty
2012: Bruce Campbell
2011: Rick Sennott
2010: Dr. Mark Aubry
2009: Howard Darwin
2008: Dwaine Barkley
2007: Linda and Sandy Ruckstuhl
2006: Dr. Andrew Pipe, Dr. Rudy Gittens, Dr. Don Johnson
2005: Don Jackson
2004: Rudy Hollywood

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