Lifetime Award – Administration and Volunteer

This award is presented to those considered builders in their sport, whether that be through paid professional administration or through grassroots volunteering. Many of our winners have contributed to multiple sports and are key members of the overall sporting community. This award is named in memory of Mark Lowry.

2023: Bruce Meredith
2022: Fei Tam
2021: Dave Mallory
2020: Dean Sherratt
2019: Bill Beelan
2018: Peter Lawrence
2017: Cathy Skinner
2016: Cathy O’Doherty
2015: Sheilagh McCaskill
2014: Ron Port
2013: John Smith
2012: Charles Slade
2011: John Leroux
2010: Keith Brown
2009: Don Brown
2008: Don Campbell
2007: Denis Landry
2006: Wes Kuran
2005: Gil Read
2004: Peter Tyler
2003: Gary Mighton & Mike Millington

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