1954 Award Winners

Major Award Winners


Anne Heggtveit-Hamilton, Skiing

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Top Amateurs

Baseball — Doug Lacroix
Bowling — Wilf Bouvier
Boxing — Clayton Kenny
Basketball — Tom Holmes
Football — Gord Ventura
Golf — D’Arcy Boucher
Hockey — Roger Fortin
Lawn Bowling — Dr. H. L. Cheney
Paddling — Claude Dixon
Skiing — Anne Heggtveit
Soccer — Reg Hall
Sailing — Livius Sherwood
Tennis — Hamilton Quain
Track and Field — Mark Molot
Weightlifting — Keevil Daley
Water Skiing — Janet Lintell

Notes on a Cuff

Rideau Canoe Clubs Claude Dixon added to the stories about Frank Amyot’s hand crafted canoe that he couldn’t use in the Berlin Olympics as organizers wanted all competitors in similar racing craft… Dixon posted the first of back-to-back championships in 1954 only to have the canoe protested. The protest lost. The second victory in 1955 was also protested and that protest lost as well. .. Between Amyot and Dixon, Norm Lane made it safely through the 1948 and 1952 Olympics… Clayton Kenny, Canadian lightweight champion, boxed in the Helsinki Olympics… and captained the Canadian team at the Commonwealth Games in Vancouver in 1954… Footballer Gord Ventura was the St. Pat’s captain in a classic high school overtime final against Glebe on an icy and windy field at Lansdowne… Glebe forgot the overtime was played as a regular game and took the ball when they had first choice… The cost was a loss by point — Bob Gauthier’s kick — and Glebe had a lineman. Gerry Patterson, who was known to put-a kickoff into the end zone.